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a row of Lego stormtroopers

InfiniSites Tutorial: How to Create a Saved Section to Reuse on Multiple Pages

I know last week’s Category Layout Customization tutorial was long and hard (#twss), so this week I decided to take it easy on you and keep it short and simple (like your mom). In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a saved row that you can reuse all throughout your InfiniSite. Why would…

InfiniSites Tutorial: How to Customize a Specific Category Layout

If you’ve been following along, we’ve already learned how to customize the main blog/articles and the post/article layouts. This week we’re diving much deeper and customizing the layout for a specific category. Why Would You Need a Category Specific Layout? Perhaps you want to offer a download that pertains to that category, but not others.…

Computer screen with WordPress backend in a browser and the heading Add New Post

InfiniSites Tutorial: How to Customize Your Blog Post or Article Layout

Diving Deeper Into Blog Customization Last week we went through how to edit the blog/articles/category layout on your InfiniSite. This week we’re going to dive a little deeper into post/article customization. Editing this singular layout will affect all post/articles on your website. The Step by Step How-To First, login to your website, and on the…

The word "blog" spelled out by Scrabble letter blocks

InfiniSites Tutorial: How To Customize Your Blog or Articles Layout

There is no “one size fits all” blog layout Everyone has different needs for how their content is displayed. For example, if you don’t post frequently, you may not want to display the date. If you have multiple authors, you may need to display the authors’ names. Perhaps you just want to add a sidebar…

A pair of reading glasses sitting on top of a calendar with the month of January showing.

InfiniSites Tutorial: Ensure Your Website’s Copyright Year is Always Current

This simple task takes less than a minute to do, and once it’s done you’ll never have to think about it again. It’s that time of year again, you know the time when you’re still writing last year’s date on your checks. Well, here’s a little trick to make sure your website’s copyright year is…

A tablet with a form and a subscribe button on its screen

InfiniSites Tutorial: How to Add a Newsletter Subscription Form

We actually have 2 slightly different subscription form modules to choose from. The first module is the fastest and easiest way to add a subscribe button to your website and is located in the Standard Modules. The second is located in the InfiniBuilder Modules and is also very easy. It just has a few more…

An iMac and an iPad on a desk

InfiniSites Tutorial: How to Add a PDF Download Button to a Page

Adding a button to download a PDF on your InfiniSite is really easy. Here are the steps to follow: First, login to your website and go to the media library to upload the PDF (or other file) you want users to be able to download. Once the file is uploaded, copy the URL of the…

InfiniSites Tutorial: How to duplicate a page using InfiniBuilder

The best way to duplicate a page without creating issues is by using the InfiniBuilder. Login to your website, navigate to the page you’d like to duplicate and open the Tools menu using the top toolbar. You can then use “Duplicate Layout” and it will start the process creating a new page, to which you…