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How to duplicate a page using InfiniBuilder

The best way to duplicate a page without creating issues is by using the InfiniBuilder. Login to your website, navigate to the page you’d like to duplicate and open the Tools menu using the top toolbar. You can then use “Duplicate Layout” and it will start the process creating a new page, to which you…

Creating a Custom Alternative to Eventbrite Using Gravity Forms

About Influencers Bakersfield Influencers Bakersfield is the Bakersfield, CA, chapter of Influencers Global Ministries, an international non-profit organization that attempts to “…encourage and influence individuals toward an intimate, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ through a journey to spiritual intimacy, enabling them to be a positive influence to their world around them.” Their Souly Business California…

A person working in WordPress on a laptop computer.

Why WordPress?

Did you know that WordPress powers more than 32% of websites? It’s by far the most popular content management system, with a 59.6% market share. To put it in comparison, like WordPress the second and third most popular CMS platforms are open source, but have just 5.6% (Joomla) and 3.6% (Drupal) of the market. SquareSpace and Wix…

A woman holding a laptop computer standing next to a row of servers.

5 Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Before I tell you the benefits of managed WordPress hosting, let’s take a look at shared hosting vs. managed hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest means of hosting a website. It lumps the most common needs of a huge variety of websites for a low price – these websites can be powered by WordPress, Joomla,…

7 Essentials A Restaurant Website Must Have

Rainbow grilled cheese! Of course, I’m kidding, but it’s not a bad idea to have a special or hidden menu item to create a cult following. 1. Mobile design 2008 is the year mobile web design started gaining traction. Google allowed for plenty of time before pushing better ranking for mobile responsive websites in 2013.…

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