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About Infini Systems

Our Mission

We're passionate about helping you move to the next level, perform better, and build your dreams.

Our worry free, value packed, proven platform moves at the speed of life and brings your project to fruition in as little as 5 business days. Even after launch, we continue to update content and keep your website running like it’s new, which provides you with peace of mind at a cost that is affordable and predictable.



CJ Jolliff


I feel like our job is to help you reach your dreams. If we aren't moving you closer to realizing them, we're failing. I promise to do everything in my ability to ensure our service meets or exceeds your needs.

I love people, music, caffeine, flip-flops, golf, pretty much anything with wheels and my family… in no particular order. Well that’s not true. My family comes first, but golf is a close second.