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Infini Managed WordPress Hosting

Empowering you and your website.

Not all hosting is the same

Warning: this section is really boring. Feel free to skip ahead.

The 3 main categories of hosting are shared, virtual private server, and dedicated server.

Shared hosting is the cheapest means of hosting a website. It lumps the most common needs of a huge variety of websites for a low price and packs hundreds of websites on the same server. This means that a high traffic website on a server can affect the load speed of others on the same shared server.

Virtual private servers are a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting. You're still technically on the same server with other sites, but you have a dedicated amount of server resources, so your site's speed isn't affected by other websites on your server. A VPS also gives you more control over other features like PHP and MySQL.

Dedicated servers are just that, dedicated. The server is yours entirely; unfortunately, the price tag reflects this because you're reserving all the server's resources and no one else can use them. Dedicated server hosting can cost thousands of dollars a year.

Needless to say, you get what you pay for.

So what's the big deal with managed WordPress hosting?

That's kind of like asking "what's the big deal with taking your car to a shop to be serviced?" A WordPress website is a lot like a car - if you don't take care of it, something is going to break. Here's a quick breakdown from our article, 5 Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting.

  1. Everything is taken care of for you
  2. Your site gets its own dedicated resources
  3. Managed hosting is really, really fast
  4. Top-notch security
  5. We've got your back(up)

What you get

with an Infini Managed WP Hosting


Page builder access so you can easily update your site.

WP Maintenance

We keep your website patched and up to date.

Plugin Maintenance

We even keep your plugins up to date - no one else does!

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Daily Backups

Gain peace of mind knowing your content is always safe.


Fast drives make fast servers and fast websites.


Our Content Delivery Network, ensures your website loads lightning fast.

SSL Certificate

Ensure your site is trusted by search engines and buyers.

Malware Protection

No more worrying about your site being hacked.

Content Update Plans

Choose this option and we'll update your website content for you.

How Infini stacks up against the competition

We've set out to offer the best value in managed WordPress hosting. We include all the premium features that you'd expect in managed hosting, but we don't stop there. We also include our InfiniBuilder, an incredibly intuitive and easy to use content editor, that empowers you to take control of your website content. But what really sets us apart is how we maintain your site. Other companies update WordPress core patches, but don't update plugin patches, leaving a big hole in your website's security - 52% of the vulnerabilities reported by WPScan are caused by WordPress plugins. Only Infini includes WordPress core and plugin updates, keeping your entire site patched and secure.

Infini SystemsGoDaddyWP EngineFlywheelBlueHostMedia Temple
WordPress Updates
Visual Page Builder
Plugin Updates+$25/mo
Redundant Daily Backups

Tired of wasting time updating content on your website?

Whether you're waiting on someone else to do it, or your spending your own time, we understand that time is money, and an out-of-date website is less than worthless - it can actually cost you money. That’s why we offer optional content update plans. With our content update service, your website is updated within a single business day, if not hours. Content Update Plans are available from 1 to 5 hours a month.

A perfect match

Our Managed WordPress Hosting was designed to perfectly complement your InfiniSite, it's the peanut butter to your website's jelly.

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

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