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Infini Custom WordPress Solutions

Sometimes you need a little something extra.

We can help you...

Make money with your site

Whether you need a payment form on your site, or the ability to sign up customers to a subscription, we've got it covered.


Integrate and automate

We can tie many 3rd party tools into your site, and create custom processes that increase your efficiency and productivity.


Predict user flow and create a content strategy

We review your content and audit your website traffic, then suggest changes to reduce bounce rates and ensure your audience finds what they're looking for.

Featured Custom WordPress Solutions

Content Strategy

Online Payments

Service Subscriptions

Training and Education Systems

Third-Party Integration

Workflow Automation

Custom WordPress Solution Example

Creating a Custom Alternative to EventBrite Using Gravity Forms

A custom alternative to EventBrite

Influencers Bakersfield needed a custom ticketing solution to replace EventBrite for their Souly Business California event. We used Gravity Forms and Stripe to handle the registration information and ticket sales, then automated the sharing of information to Google Sheets and MailChimp with Zapier. The result is that Influencers is saving between $4500 and $7500 a year in EventBrite and credit card processing fees.

What's your need?

Our Custom WordPress Solutions aren't limited to the items listed above, and our library expands with every project. Just give us an idea of your need, and we'll let you know how we can take your site to another level.

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

knowledge base

We’re creating a library of helpful articles and videos, sharing with you the tips and tricks we use for designing and customizing websites.