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A person working in WordPress on a laptop computer.

Why WordPress?

Did you know that WordPress powers more than 32% of websites? It’s by far the most popular content management system, with a 59.6% market share. To put it in comparison, like WordPress the second and third most popular CMS platforms are open source, but have just 5.6% (Joomla) and 3.6% (Drupal) of the market. SquareSpace and Wix…

A woman holding a laptop computer standing next to a row of servers.

5 Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Before I tell you the benefits of managed WordPress hosting, let’s take a look at shared hosting vs. managed hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest means of hosting a website. It lumps the most common needs of a huge variety of websites for a low price – these websites can be powered by WordPress, Joomla,…